How To Replace Stress With Inner Peace

By Staff Curator / September 13, 2016
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How do you deal with stress?

By: James McCrae ( stepped out the door of my Manhattan advertising agency onto a swarming Madison Avenue.

It was late and the sky had already been dark for several hours. I wanted to let out a long sigh to help alleviate the stress I felt from another crazy day at the office, but my lungs were too tight and suffocating to breath properly.

As I walked to the subway to take a crowded F train back to Brooklyn so I could grab a few beers, and hopefully a few hours of sleeping, before doing it all over again the next day (it was only Monday after all), I passed a yoga studio. There was a poster on the door promoting an event happening that night. “Find Your Inner Calm,” read the giant script typeface.

I rolled my eyes and kept walking. “That’s not realistic,” I said to myself. “I’m way too busy to be calm.”

We live in a culture that glorifies stress. In our work-obsessed society, many people take pride in their busyness and wear stress as a badge of honor. I’m also guilty.

Especially in competitive places like New York City, high levels of stress seem to come with the territory. “I’m stressed because I’m very important,” the Ego says. “If I let my guard down, someone will get ahead of me.”

When life itself is a battle, being calm is a sign of weakness.

This, of course, is a lie.

Stress has no benefit. We often think that being stressed will help us perform better, but the opposite is true.

Working stressed is like an athlete playing hurt. You are less effective at every aspect of the game, both physically and mentally. The truth about stress is that it clouds our judgment and…



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