How Dr. Emoto Saved My Life ~ A Tribute To A Remarkable Spirit

I’ll never forget that day in October 2014 when I heard Dr. Masaru Emoto had died. I was really saddened for never having the chance to thank him personally for how he changed my life. You see, I will be eternally grateful to this remarkable man who saved my life and so deeply influenced the creation of my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos.

Even if you don’t recognize the name Dr. Emoto, you may still be familiar with his work. Dr. Emoto is the researcher who showed the world that words and symbols affect the molecular structure of water. Positive words like “love” and “thank” affect water positively, and negative words or phrases like “hate” or “I want to kill you” affect water negatively.

emoto snowflakeYou may have seen photos of his research online — beautiful, snowflake-like images for the positive words and chaotic, Rorchach blot type images for the negative words.

Nearly every established religion in the world starts with this acknowledgement: “First there was the word.” The beauty of Dr. Emoto’s research is that it showed us in a visual way how words create and continually shape our reality.

I can honestly say that I owe my current life to Dr. Emoto’s work. Early in 2008, I saw the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?” which featured his research. At the time, due to some childhood trauma, I was suffering from all sorts of root chakra issues – problems with my knees, my finances and my career – just to name a few. My biggest issue, though, was constant anxiety. I just didn’t feel calm or safe in my own body. Doing yoga would help temporarily, but then I’d go to bed and my body’s cellular memory would kick back in and I’d awake anxious again.

When I saw Emoto’s work, I suddenly had a flash of insight. Here’s what reasoning told me: if I’m approximately 60-70% water (we all are), then any words and symbols I put on my body should directly affect me energetically. So if I wanted more first chakra energy, all I needed to do was get a root chakra tattoo as close to my tailbone (where the root chakra “resides”) as I could. Right then, I decided I would get one.

A few weeks later, I found myself in Sedona, Arizona getting a beautiful root tattoo from a very cool artist named Siva (a name which ironically means “God” in Sanskrit). The moment, Siva put the stencil of the tattoo on my lower back, energy rushed down both my legs and I cried spontaneously. It didn’t come from any emotion. It actually preceded any emotional response. The tears just gushed out like a faucet. It was a huge release.

I felt my life change indelibly in that moment. Truly. I just knew nothing would ever be the same again. My anxiety subsided. I no longer awoke afraid. It was a very exciting time and I wanted everyone to experience what I had.

That’s when I came up with the idea to create temporary healing chakra tattoos and Chakra Boosters were born.

Today, over eight years later, thousands of people from over 40 different countries have worn my tattoos, and many of them have written to me to tell me how the tattoos have helped them. And ALL of this began when I discovered Dr. Emoto’s work. It’s almost an understatement to say that I owe this great, spiritual researcher my life, because he gave me something that is even more important than my life – he gave me my purpose and has affected thousands through me (and will affect many more).

Even if you’ve done so before, please take a moment to honor this man who gave us so much. He had a lot of courage to share such radical information. Many people put him down. But he stuck by his work, and I will be forever grateful he did.

Thank you, Dr. Emoto. You have blessed us all!

vicki howie

Vicki Howie is the Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ (find out what inspired her to create them here). She’s also the Creator of Chakra Love, the Chakra Life Cycle System® and she’s the Co-Editor of Conscious Life News. You can visit her website,facebook page and youtube channel for lots of free chakra info and gifts. If you enjoy her innovative chakra work, you can now order Vicki’s new book “The Key to Your Chakras” here on Love and blessings!






Published at Mon, 17 Apr 2017 19:30:39 +0000