A Guided-Meditation To Awaken Your Perfect Health

By Tom Hitchens / December 15, 2014

by Tom Hitchens of The Tom Hitchens Community  (www.TomHitchens.com)

All through the month of December, I am going to share 16 Guided Meditations with you to help you enjoy the holiday season in ways that you may never have before.

Each of these meditations were created by artists a part of the Deepak Chopra community.  The reason I wanted to share them with you just one a day is so that you can use in your daily meditation sessions with a different intent and purpose, one a day… separately.

In between these meditations I will share some commentary and related techniques to help you benefit the most that you can from your time spent “quietly”.

Please accept this as my profound gift of gratitude of you being a part of my Community.  It is my extreme pleasure to have you a part of us.

Here are the first 5 of 16 Meditations that have been released as of today:

Download your guided Healing Meditation #1 here.

Download your guided Dream Meditation #2 here.

Download your guided Meditation #3 titled “Awaken Your Abundance” here.

Download  your guided Meditation #4 titled “Awaken Your Creativity” here.

Download your guided Meditation #5 titles “Awaken Your Perfect Health” here.

This summer I posted a blog about the importance of maintaining a balance between your physical health and your mental, and I shared what you can do about it.
If you haven’t read it yet, see it again here.

Tom Hitchens
Tom Hitchens is CEO of Jambu Industries, makers of the SplashRx line of oral health products. He is also CEO of NuCare Professionals, a coaching group that leads consumers and professionals to their full potential. Visit him. www.TomHitchens.com , www.SplashTABS.com , www.NuCarePro.com, and www.Facebook.com/TomHitchensCommunity

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