5 Gut Instincts You Should Never Ignore


How many times do you ignore your natural instincts – that tiny voice inside that acts as a guide?

By Nithya S. (lifeadvancer.com) –That funny tingling in your tummy, a quick urge to do something, that squeaky little voice ringing in your head!

All of you would have experienced such feelings some or the other time in your life. And that is what precisely you would call a gut feeling. While instincts are natural, these are not exactly your thoughts. These can be considered as the thumb rules of your survival.

Here are 5 such instincts that you should never ignore in your life!

1. “Something is not correct with my body” or “I don’t feel well”!

Your body gives your cues, every now and then. And the signals are clear indicators of how it feels at a particular moment. Listening to your body is one of the first lessons taught in a yoga class. While a feeling of not being good is an indicator that your physical balance has been thrown off, it also, at times, points fingers at your psychic energy levels. You will experience this kind of feelings if you are in a place surrounded by the wrong people.

Just pay heed to what your body tells you when you are with someone. Are you feeling energetic or tired? Are you calm and peaceful or are your stressed out? The negative signals indicate that it is time for you to move on in life.

2. “Do not go there! It is dangerous”!

Believe it or not, many a time you do get to know what is there in store for you, especially if it is negative.Human body has an innate flight or fight system built into it. Have you ever noticed a violent stray dog and heard your mind saying, “Walk away from him”? This would be the simplest example to quote for. People share experiences about how they felt their heart beating faster and eyes throbbing before they incurred an accident. That is the power of your mind.

3. “This person needs help. I should lend a hand”!

Gut instincts do not always take a negative shade. The Universal bond that we share often invokes this sense of helping nature in you when you see someone’s expression. All of you have the innate skill to understand another person by just looking at their body language and facial expression. If you ever feel that a person needs help just from the cues you receive from the vibration, go ahead and help.

4. “I can do it. It is my cup of tea”!

The communication from your inner self can never go wrong. You might be new to a situation, but you will find that your inner voice is telling to go ahead with it, “You can do it”! Listen to these instincts when you decide on your career. Pay heed to that voice in your head when you embark on a new journey in life.Let go of your thoughts and embrace the instincts and just go ahead with it. You will be amazed to see the way the situation unfolds in front of you, revealing your hidden natural skills.

5. “This is just so right”!

This easily applies anywhere and everywhere. When you meet the person of your life or choose a career transition, your gut instincts will come to your rescue. Just close your eyes and listen to how you feel when you are…



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