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7 Jobs That Can Help You Wipe Out Debt Fast

By Staff Curator / September 16, 2016
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Have you worked your way through resolving debt?

By Maryalene LaPonsie (money.usnews.com) – Redd Horrocks had a five-figure problem. “I had credit card debt from a plethora of bad choices,” she says. While her job with an event production company was paying the bills, it wasn’t doing much to put a dent in her debt. Then, she happened onto the website Fiverr and discovered she was able to market her British and American accents to buyers from across the globe.

Horrocks had previously done some voiceover work as a favor for friends and had considered signing with an agency to earn extra cash. However, doing so meant paying subscription fees and attending dozens of auditions before landing a job. On the other hand, “Fiverr was easy and didn’t have any fees associated with it,” she says. The Minnesota resident found so much success on the site, she not only paid off her debt, but also switched careers to become a full-time professional voiceover artist.

Not everyone has a British accent to sell, but here are seven other ways people can dig out of their debt.

Serving at a restaurant. While it’s not everyone’s first choice, working at a restaurant is a tried and true way to pick up some extra money. It’s how Lamar Dawson, a public relations executive in New York City, was able to knock out his student loan debt in no time. “This was a well-established restaurant, so the pay was pretty high,” he says of his job as a host. “I was making $15 an hour plus tips, so averaging around $21 an hour.” Dawson only worked weekends and immediately deposited his pay and put it toward debt to avoid spending the money on something else.

Tutoring students. Tutoring services, such as Wyzant and Tutor.com, make it easy for people to connect with students who need extra help. “Tutoring is convenient and flexible,” says Mike Moradian, executive director of HonorSociety.org, “Tutors can choose to work online or in-person, and many colleges even hire peer tutors to work on campus.” PayScale reports tutors earn an average of $17 an hour. However, those with strong credentials may charge $35 to $50 or more per hour depending on their expertise and where they are located.

Manning the cash register. It’s not a glamorous job, but working as a cashier or clerk can be a relatively easy way to bring in the money needed to wipe out debt. Job opportunities may be especially plentiful during the holiday season. “You see a ton of retail jobs open, and many of these can pay $10 an hour or more,” says Joanne Munekawa, a career services manager with Employment Boost. “The great part is, if your day job experience is something you can leverage, you can likely pull off a supervisor role, which is going to get you a higher hourly pay.”

Driving and delivering. There’s an opportunity to make extra money by driving for companies such as Uber and Lyft. These jobs are flexible, but pay can vary depending on where you’re located. A 2014 study from Uber found drivers grossed an average of $17 an hour, but a more recent analysis by BuzzFeed News found net pay was much lower in some cities – bottoming out at…



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