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101 Easy Ways to Make Your Kids Smarter (Infographic)

By Staff Curator / June 14, 2017

Here’s a fantastic post that will not just help you as a parent, but also help uncover the “kid” in you too!

by Sandra Cobain (bestforthekids.com)

Smart parents = smart kids, right?

… Well, not always.

The “intelligence genes” are absolutely rare. Therefore, it won’t be an understatement to claim that smartness is not a gift, but a skill that can be developed over a period of time. Since childhood is a crucial stage for the intellectual development of a child, it makes sense to help them grow smart from a very early age.

After some gruesome research spanning over 30 hours which required us to go through over 200 different references, we have come up with a whopping 101 ways to make our kids smarter. It’s an exhaustive list, and also links out to 120+ relevant external resources, so you might want to read it with popcorns by your side.

To make it easier for you to skim through it, we’ve also prepared an infographic which you can check out below.

making-kids-smarter (infographic)

Now that you have a basic idea about making your kids smarter from the infographic above, let’s get started with the explanations to each of the points mentioned in the infographic.

  1. Do not let them skip breakfast. Let’s start with an age-old advice. An empty stomach won’t take your kid too far. Without the fuel required to power-up the brain, the kid’s intellectual ability is bound to take a hit. By feeding them breakfast, you will be helping them stay focused and attentive. In other words, you will be breeding a smart kid.
  2. Teach them a second language. Being exposed to different languages makes them a better problem solver and it develops their cognitive skills as well. Persuade them to learn a foreign language, and you will start noticing the smart difference over a period of time.


3.  Enroll them in a music class. Now, they won’t turn into an overnight sensation, but their learning skills will surely elevate because music activates certain hardly used areas of the brain. The key is to develop both sides of the kid’s brain. The left side functions for language, reasoning, and logic, while the right side features art and creativity.

4.  Make them a bookworm. The more they read, the smarter they will get. Your best bet would be to fill their closets with great books so that they feel compelled to take the ride.

5.  Travel with them. There’s no better way to make them street smart than to let them travel places. Every trip will teach them valuable lessons on the go.

6.  Start early. Some skills can be best developed at an early age. By starting early, kids will get the best head-start they need to develop smartness.

7.  Support them at all times. Without your support, they would be half as smart as they should really be.


8.  Choose their toys wisely. Toys don’t have to be expensive. Toys should develop their imagination and creative skills.

9.  Love them. Kids who fail to receive TLC have stunted brain development, according to studies. Some kids also grow up depressed and dejected, leaving little to no room for smartness.

10.  Have one-on-one interaction with them. It reinforces their effort to communicate, and it provides them the foundation for higher thinking skills.


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