About Us

Tom Hitchens is a Florida-based entrepreneur, inventor, author, and developer of methods and strategies currently found behind very successful medical and dental practices. For 42 years Tom has developed the Skills & Strategies he has implemented in the businesses he built for himself or for the Fortune 500 companies that hired him to build for them. He consistently achieves top-producer status for himself and those clients he works with.

Tom is CEO of NuCare Professionals, a full-service consultant and research group that serves both the medical/dental profession and a general population hungry for the truth about their health, their doctor and their dentist. His results-based methods & strategies are the difference-maker for medical & dental businesses that struggle for answers to finance, marketing, staff, legal, and patient care solutions.

As an inventor, Tom and his team has developed methods to process and formulate herbal extractions so uniquely, what they call THE SCIENCE OF WET™, that Tom built a company around it. As the founder and CEO of Jambu Industries, Tom created the SplashRx® brand of oral relief products like SPLASH TABS™, the acclaimed oral moisturizer and pain-relieving lozenge, one of many new products developed from this technology. Initially created in response to the needs of his medical and dental clients, these products are now being released directly to the public.

Tom’s latest publication “REVERSE THE CLOCK! HOW POOR ORAL HEALTH AGES YOU: An Insider Exposes Solutions Your Doctor and Dentist Aren’t Telling You – Or Just Don’t Know!” is what has been called an “incredible awakening” for the average individual in search for knowledge and solutions that aren’t always found in a “clinical” environment. Available at www.SplashTABS.com and Amazon.com!

Tom now spends considerable time spreading the word about health, wealth-building, and personal development through The Tom Hitchens Community, speaking for groups, or appearing on television. Visit him at www.TomHitchens.com.

Have a story you’d like to share with Tom? Email him at MyStory@TomHitchens.com or follow him on Facebook & Twitter.