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The Role Of Turmeric In Fatty Liver Disease

By Staff Curator / November 29, 2015

With all we are discovering about turmeric, have you added it to your daily diet yet?

by Dr. Edward Group (globalhealingcenter.com) – Fatty liver is a condition that’s affecting more and more people every day and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is the most widely experienced. Obesity and diabetes, two major health threats, are conditions that drastically increase one’s chances of developing fatty liver. A new study is showing that the polyphenols in turmeric may be helpful for reducing the risk of fatty liver while decreasing stress at the cellular level. This study is just one of the recent examples in the literature showing a strong benefit of turmeric with liver health.

Turmeric and Fatty Liver

A recent study set to publish in the December 2015 issue of Archives of Animal Nutrition examined the effect of turmeric polyphenols on the livers of cows.  Since many conventional feedlots are crowded and dirty, cows are under a great deal of stress. This stress causes physiological changes that impact the health of the liver in much the same way as stress impacts the liver (among other organs) in humans. It has been suggested that physiological stress of the endoplasmic reticulum in the liver contributes to…



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