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Natural Care And Prevention For Diabetic Ulcers

By Staff Curator / October 22, 2015

Prevention is always the best medicine for any condition associated with diabetes isn’t it.

by Dr. Edward Group (globalhealingcenter.com) – Nearly 15% of diabetics will develop diabetic sores. These skin ulcers are also known as “diabetic foot ulcers” because they most often appear on the feet; however, they can develop anywhere on the lower body. These sores usually appear due to poor circulation or improper and slow function of the veins, a condition also known as venous stasis.  If untreated, sores can give rise to complications that can be as serious as an infection. This infection can lead to amputation of the afflicted toes or foot. Proper care and attention is vital to help avoid complications.

What are Diabetic Ulcers?

When diabetes is present, so is high blood sugar, and this is a problem that weakens the heart and vascular system, leading to poor circulation in the feet and legs. The skin on the feet and legs become weak and susceptible to injury — especially open wounds, aka ulcers.

What Causes Diabetic Ulcers?

Alcohol, tobacco use, obesity, heart disease, and kidney disease are just a few factors that increase the risk of these ulcers. Poor-fitting shoes can also cause blisters on the toes and sole of the foot that can worsen quickly. High blood sugar suppresses immune response, so infection can create complications.

Preventative Measures for Diabetic Foot and Leg Ulcers

For a person who has diabetes, checking their feet and legs every day for new or developing ulcers is critical. Early detection and daily care are absolutely mandatory to ensure quick healing and avoiding serious problems.

Many people also report that washing and moisturizing their feet daily, giving their feet air and changing their socks regularly, wearing comfortable shoes, changing bandages often, and using products that cleanse the skin and…



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